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Umqomboti is a product steeped in history and the culture of the people of Africa and UNB has committed itself to producing and distributing only the highest quality products and offer celebrated brands with strong support to a solid base of discerning consumers. The major UNB product representation country wide is in the form of three brands: Chibuku, iJuba and Leopard Special.

These three brands are the most popular UNB brands and although the other brands might have strongholds on a micro-regional basis, these three brands have a macro appeal in three geographical areas: Chibuku is very popular in many parts of Northwest and is also the brand of choice by a great margin in the Eastern and Western Cape. iJuba Special and its sister brand iJuba covers amongst other areas, the entire KZN and follow the migrant Zulu workers to Gauteng and Cape Town as well. Leopard Special, with its winning recipe, is dominant in the north of the country from Gauteng throughout the Mpumalanga, Northwest and Limpopo provinces. These three brands form the mainstay of representation and are the obvious choices for winning brand strategy.

Many other brands have pocket strongholds in areas with diverse preferences and ethnic groups.

The Major Brands


Chibuku is known as 'The Beer of Africa' and it truly is an African Brand. It is found throughout Africa and marketed as Chibuku Shake Shake in many countries in Africa by other companies. In South Africa however this brand is owned and marketed by UNB. It is the currently, the biggest contributing brand in the company.

Ijuba Special and Ijuba Blue

These two sister brands under the iJuba umbrella are an institution in South Africa. When the market at large refers to a brand name as a generic product, it is safe to assume that one has reached a pinnacle of dominance in the product category. As the brand Colgate is to the toothpaste category in South Africa, so has iJuba become the accepted name when a person refers to traditional beer. This beer is made according to the taste preferences and traditions of the Zulu people. This brand is one of the biggest brands not only by reputation but also by volume and is truly Utshwala Besintu - the Beer of the Nation.

Leopard Special

Leopard Special is the second largest brand and is growing. Its unique recipe appeals to the tastes of many in South Africa. Leopard Special is the biggest contributor in Phelindaba Brewery that has championed and exported this brand and recipe to other breweries in our fold. Leopard Beer has a strong following by consumers who have an emotional attachment to the brand and profess that Leopard Special is indeed 'The Beer with Punch!'


Tlokwe Brewery offers this product with pride to the surrounding communities and it is accepted as 'The True Beer'. Even though Tlokwe sales are restricted to relatively small areas it is still in the top four of contributing brands.


As the name suggests Joburg Beer offers 'The Taste of the Big City'. A trip though Soweto will reveal many murals painted with this brand informally advertising the availability of this landmark brand in a true township format.

Other Brands

Zebra Beer

Shake Shake

Country Brew

Kalahari Sorghum

UNB is committed to responsible drinking. Our products are not for sale to persons under the age of 18.