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United National Breweries (SA) (UNB), is the leading manufacturer of Traditional African Sorghum Beer (Umqombothi) in South Africa.  Umqombothi is the core business of UNB. It produces and distributes Umqombothi from 6 Breweries and numerous distribution depots strategically situated throughout South Africa.  UNB, as the market leader in this category, holds the major South African Umqombothi brands in its stable as the market leader. UNB is compelled to champion the cause of Umqombothi and strives to uphold the image of this amazing product in all of its endeavors of producing and taking it to market.

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Beer & Brands

Umqombothi is a product steeped in history and the culture of the people of Southern Africa.  UNB has committed itself to producing and distributing only the highest quality products and offer celebrated brands with strong regional support to a solid base of regular consumers.  Ijuba, Leopard Special and Chibuku are three of the most popular brands in UNB`s stable....

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Corporate Responsibility

UNB is committed to a high degree of corporate responsibility and are currently engaged in the following transformational activities:

BBBEE, Employment Equity, Enterprise Development, Skills Development...

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UNB is committed to responsible drinking. Our products are not for sale to persons under the age of 18.